Gypsum Diffusers – PERFORMANCE Circle 2 Slots

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The Ventmann PERFORMANCE CIRCLE vent diffuser combines elegant and adaptable design features with a specially engineered airflow that uses the Coanda effect, making it ideal for air conditioning. This is a model that empowers you to craft distinctive interior features or seamlessly conceal the diffusers, while minimizing direct airflow onto users.

The Coanda effect is an aerodynamic phenomenon that causes a jet of air to be attracted to a nearby surface,
efficiently diffusing the airflow. In practice, this means the current of air spreads out along the ceiling rather than being blown straight down.

Our PCIRCLE diffuser is suitable for plasterboard ceilings or walls. Once installed, the diffuser forms a permanent bond with the plasterboard, offering outstanding durability. It can be sanded and painted just like the surrounding surfaces. It leaves no visible frames or flanges between the diffuser and the surrounding surface, making it ideal for very clean and modern interior design styles.

PCIRCLE diffusers are designed to provide a radial air pattern with high entrainment and air mixing, resulting in a more comfortable environment for all occupants.

The diffuser cap is supported by the new Click system.‎ This system makes it even easier to put the cap in place correctly.‎ It is also more environmentally friendly and has a higher operational temperature range than the magnets previously used.‎

PCIRCLE can be installed on its own or arranged into groups if required.

Available in 160 or 200 connector diameters.

Technical Information

Materials: Gypsum composite body with industrial strength internal magnets, steel connector, rubber gasket and elastic fixing strap.

53mm diffuser depth

Supply or extract

Suitable for short throw applications

Includes screws, fixing strap and plastic spacers

Additional information

Gypsum Diffusers – Circle

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