Gypsum Diffusers – Square

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Note: All systems must be installed by Certified Installer.


The Ventmann SQUARE vent diffuser can act as both an air distributor and a minimalist interior element. It will accentuate the precise lines and rigid angles of your design, with an elegance that means it can be an integral part of any interior. Due to their well-defined shape, multiple Ventmann SQUARE diffusers can be installed in a single room for an impressive effect.

The Ventmann SQUARE vent diffuser is also a practical solution. Like all of our units, they are mounted at the same time as the walls and ceilings, and can be painted with the same paint. This is all thanks to our unique gypsum composite.

In addition, even standard SQUARE models can be adapted to your needs:

• 100mm or 125mm – these are the standard connection nozzle diameters that you can select.

• The diffuser cap is supported by our new Click system.

This system makes it even easier to put the cap in place correctly. It is also more environmentally friendly and has a higher operational temperature range than the magnets previously used.

If you are looking for non-standard interior details for your project, or your market requires specific SQUARE vent diffuser sizes – we can help you.

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