PEAD-M Multi-Split Indoor Units R32

£505.80 - £846.90 ex. VAT


Note: All systems must be installed by Certified Installer.


PEAD-M R32 Ceiling Concealed Ducted-compressed
PEAD-M R32 Ceiling Concealed Ducted

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PEAD-M Multi-Split Indoor Units R32

Up to 100 sq.m. room – PEAD-M100JA, Up to 125 sq.m. room – PEAD-M125JA, Up to 135 sq.m. room – PEAD-M140JA, Up to 35 sq.m. room – PEAD-M35JA, Up to 50 sq.m. room – PEAD-M50JA, Up to 60 sq.m. room – PEAD-M60JA, Up to 70 sq.m. room – PEAD-M71JA


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