MXS Outdoor Units – Up to 5 Rooms


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Outdoor Units 5MXS90E
Capacity Nominal Cooling kW 9.00
Nominal Heating kW 10.40
Dimensions Height mm 770
Width mm 900
Depth mm 320
Weight kg 73
Electrical Details Power Supply Phase 1ph
Hz 50
V 230
Running Current amps Refer to Multi Combination Tables
Starting Current amps 4
Fuse Rating amps 20
Refrigerant Circuit Refrigerant Type R410A
Refrigerant Charge kg 3.0
Sound Pressure Nom dBA 52
Sound Power 66
Piping Limits Max. Length (OU- IU) m 25
Max. Level Difference (IU- IU) m 7.5
Max. Level Difference (IU- OU) m 15
Total piping length (Actual) m 75
Piping Connections Liquid inches (mm) 5x 1/4 (6.4)
Gas inches (mm) 2×3/8 (9.5)
1/2 (12.7)
2x 5/8 (15.9)
Number of Connected Indoor Units 5
Air Flow Rate (Cooling) Nom m3/sec 0.908

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MXS Outdoor Units – Up to 5 Rooms


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