IU Separation Tube – IU Capacity

£39.69 - £105.84 ex. VAT


Note: All systems must be installed by Certified Installer.

Additional information

IU Separation Tube - IU Capacity

UTPBX090A -28.0kW or less (3P), UTPBX180A – 28.1 to 56.0kW (3P), UTPBX567A – 56.1kW or more (3P), UTRBP090X or UTPAX090A – 28.0kW or less (2P), UTRBP180X or UTPAX180A – 28.1 to 56.0kW (2P), UTRBP567X or UTPAX567A -56.1kW or more (2P)


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