Hitachi Control Systems and Accessories

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Note: All systems must be installed by Certified Installer.

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DBS 12L Drain Boss Kit (RAS 2.0 ~ 2.5HVNP + RAS 3.0HVNC), DBS 26 Drain Boss Kit (All Outdoor Units except below), DBS-TP10A Drain Boss Kit (RAS-FSXN(1E(H))), DU M1E Drain Pump Kit (RPIM-FSN4E), DUPC-160K1 Drain Pump Kit (RPC-2.5-6.0FSN3), DUPC-63K1 Drain Pump Kit (RPC-1.5FSN3), DUPC-71K1 Drain Pump Kit (RPC-2.0FSN3), EV 1.5N1 Electronic Expansion Valve Kit (RPK-FSNH3M, OACI-160K2 Fresh Air Intake Kit (RCI 1.0~6.0FSN4), PCC-1A Optional Function Connector Cables (pack of 5) – Utopia and Set Free, PD-150D Fresh Air Intake Duct adapter (RPC-FSN3), PD-75A Fresh Air Intake Duct adapter, 75mm dia (RCI 1.0~6.0FSN4, PD-75C Fresh Air Intake Duct adapter, 75mm dia (RCIM 0.4~2.5FSN4), PDF-160C1 Side Duct Connection Flange (RCI 3.0~6.0FSN4), PDF-71C1 Side Duct Connection Flange RCI 1.0~2.5FSN4), PI-160LS1 Cassette 3 Way outlet kit, THM-R2AE Remote Sensor, TKCI-160K T-Shaped Duct Connection Kit for Fresh Air Intake Kit


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