Control Systems and Accessories SYSTEM FREE CONTROLS

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Note: All systems must be installed by Certified Installer.

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HCWA21NEWJH LCD Wired Remote Controller (Global Pac only), HRBA31NEGH Wireless Remote Controller (Global Pac only), PC-ALH3 Grille Receiver Kit (RCI-FSN4), PC-ALHC1 Receiver Kit panel mounted (RCIM-FSN4E), PC-ALHD1 Receiver Kit panel mounted (RCD-FSN3), PC-ALHP1 Receiver Kit panel mounted (RPC-FSN3), PC-ALHZ1 Receiver Kit wall mounted (All System Free Indoor Units, PC-ARFPE Standard Wired Remote Controller (inc. 7 Day Time Clock), PC-ARH Simple Wired Remote Controller, PC-AWR Wireless Remote Controlle, PS-MSK2 Motion Sensor Kit (RCI-FSN4), SOR-MSK Motion Sensor Kit (RPI-0.4-3.0FSN5E, SOR-NEC Motion Sensor Kit (RCIM-FSN4E), SOR-NED Motion Sensor Kit (RCD-FSN3), SOR-NEP Motion Sensor Kit (RPC-FSN3)


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