Compact 4-way Flow Cassette – R32

£697.41 - £1,178.73 ex. VAT


Note: All systems must be installed by Certified Installer.

Additional information

Compact 4-way Flow Cassette - R32

Up to 25 sq.m. room – AUXG09KVLA AOYG09KBTB, Up to 30 sq.m. room – AUXG12KVLA AOYG12KBTB, Up to 35 sq.m. room – AUXG14KVLA AOYG14KBTB, Up to 40 sq.m. room – AUXG18KVLA AOYG18KBTB, Up to 45 sq.m. room – AUXG22KVLA AOYG22KBTB, Up to 50 sq.m. room – AUXG24KVLA AOYG24KBTB


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