2-Pipe Heat Pump (HP 8 to 16)

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Model Name Heat PumpMMY-MAP0806HT8P-EMAP1006HT8P-EMAP1206HT8P-EMAP1406HT8P-EMAP1606HT8P-E
Capacity Rangehp810121416
Maximum Number of Indoor UnitsQTY1822273136
Cooling CapacitykW22.428.033.540.045.0
Heating CapacitykW25.031.537.545.050.0
Operating Range Cooling/Heating°C-10.0 to 46.0/
-25.0 to 15.5
-10.0 to 46.0/
-25.0 to 15.5
-10.0 to 46.0/
-25.0 to 15.5
-10.0 to 46.0/
-25.0 to 15.5
-10.0 to 46.0/
-25.0 to 15.5
CoolingPower ConsumptionkW5.547.6910.012.314.3
EER/SEER/Energy Efficiency Class (or ηsc %)4.04/6.24/246.63.64/6.15/243.03.35/6.03/238.23.25/5.69/224.63.15/5.33/210.2
HeatingPower ConsumptionkW5.537.419.6511.212.9
COP/SCOP/Energy Efficiency Class (or ηsc(A) %)4.52/3.64/142.64.25/3.54/138.63.89/3.67/143.84.02/3.57/139.83.88/3.70/145
Fan(s)Standard Air Flow Hl/s26942694338933893500
Standard Air Flow Hm3/h97009700122001220012600
External Static PressurePa6060505040
SoundPressure Level C/HdB(A)55/5657/5859/6160/6262/64
Power Level C/HdB(A)74/7474/7480/8280/8281/83
Unit(s)Height x Width x Depthmm1830 x 990 x 7801830 x 990 x 7801830 x 990 x 7801830 x 1210 x 7801830 x 1210 x 780
Refrigerant Base Chargekg11.511.511.511.511.5
Pipe ConnectionsSuction Gas Pipe Brazinginch3/47/81-1/81-1/81-1/8
Liquid Pipe Flareinch1/21/21/25/85/8
Balance Pipe Flareinch3/83/83/83/83/8
MaximumEquivalent Lengthm210210210210210
Real Lengthm170170170170170
Total Pipe Length (Liquid Line Real Length)m300300300300300
Length To First Branchm100100100100100
Equivalent Length Of Outdoor Unit Connecting Pipem1010101010
Real Length Of Indoor Unit Connecting Pipingm3030303030
Equivalent Length Between Branchesm5050505050
Height Difference Outdoor Higher Than Indoor Unitsm7070707070
Height Difference Outdoor Lower Than Indoor Unitsm4040404040
Height Difference Between Indoor Unitsm4040404040
Height Difference Between Outdoor Unitsm55555
ElectricalVoltage Range Minimum/MaximumV342/456342/456342/456342/456342/456
Electrical Characteristic Run Current Cooling/HeatingA8.79/8.7712.10/11.6015.50/15.0019.50/17.8022.40/20.20
Power Supply Wiring Starting CurrentSoft StartSoft StartSoft StartSoft StartSoft Start
Power SupplyV/ph/Hz380-415/3/50380-415/3/50380-415/3/50380-415/3/50380-415/3/50
Suggested Fused Supply(s)A2025253240

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2-Pipe Heat Pump (HP 8 to 16)

MAP0806HT8P-E, MAP1006HT8P-E, MAP1206HT8P-E, MAP1406HT8P-E, MAP1606HT8P-E


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